26260 SoftWraps - Wheel to Downtube
26260 SoftWraps  - Black
26260 SoftWrap on Pant Leg Cycling Shoes
26260 SoftWraps On Skis
26260 SoftWraps - 4-pack


4-Pack (26260) Out of Stock

  • Secures bike tires to frame
  • Durable hook-and-loop closure material
  • Endless uses beyond bicycles and racks

This is a four-pack of the SoftWrap hook-and loop straps. To make an extended-length strap, you can attach two straps together.

To use: Wrap the strap around the object, insert the end through the flat loop, then pull it back on itself to close and fasten securely

Perfect for securing:
- Bikes
- Cargo
- Pant legs
- Skis, yoga mats, camping gear, boating gear, computer cables, garage organization...just about anything

Multi-purpose, with uses across marine, commercial, recreational, and residential applications

*Note: current color is white logo on black wrap*

Size: 16" Long and 1" Wide.