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Universal Hitch Bar Kit

Universal Hitch Bar Kit

Universal Hitch Bar Kit

Universal Hitch Bar Kit (26446) Out of Stock

Upgrade kit for converting older Softride bike racks into the Softride Universal Hitch Bar for 2" or 1.25" receiver hitches.

Converts older model shank to 1-1/4" or 2" shank.

Includes all necessary hardware to replace existing shank and convert hitch bar shank to appropriate size.

Adapt an existing hitch bar to fit a new hitch receiver (1.25" to 2" or 2" to 1.25")

Compatible with Softride Dura, Dura Assist, Alumina, Element, and discontinued Versa and HD bike racks. Not compatible with the discontinued Elite rack.

See basic installation instructions here.

Bike Bumper

Bike Bumper

Bike Bumper

Bike Bumper for Upright Bike Racks (26442) Buy Now

  • Protects bikes from contact damage against hitch-mounted bike rack uprights
  • Durable and compression resistant padding
  • For use on all upright Softride Racks and other brands of racks

• Compatible with most brands of hitch mount, mast style bike carriers

• Attaches to the vertical upright bar of the bike rack

• Ideal for racks without anti-sway features - protect bikes and hitch from damage caused by the motion of bikes rocking back and forth

• When mounted facing vehicle, protects tailgate in case car rear hatch is accidentally opened before bike rack is lowered away from vehicle

• Soft surface won't scratch bikes or rack

• Includes 2 SoftWrap hook and loop straps

Watch our videos to see ways to use this accessory.


• 20" tall, 3.5" wide

Top Tube Adapter

26373 Top Tube Adapter used with Garage Storage Station
26373 Top Tube Adapter Open Closeup
26373 Top Tube Adapter Open
26373 Top Tube Adapter Closed
26373 Top Tube Adapter In Use from above
Top Tube Adapter

Top Tube Adapter

(26373) Out of Stock

Bridges the gap from stem to seat tube, creating a virtual top tube for non-standard frames or women's bikes

Creates a temporary horizontal bar for bikes designed without a flat top tube, improving the fit for frame-mount bike racks.

• Attaches to the head tube and seat post of the bike
• For specialty frames, women-specific bikes, step through frames, kids' bikes, full-suspension bikes, bikes with slanted top tubes or small front triangles
• Crossbar adapter that creates a level top tube for bikes without one
• Makes most bikes compatible with most mast-style hitch mount bike racks
• Frame adapter to carry hard-to-fit bikes
• Adjustable length fits varying sizes of frames (min. distance 15"; max. distance 21"
• Vinyl-covered collars protect your bicycle's finish
• Powder-coated steel
• Rubberized attachment points
• Easy to use with push button release and telescoping bar


• Fits most bike frames and styles
• For use with any brand bike rack
• Length adjustment range: 15" - 21"
Limited lifetime warranty

Extended Hitch Bar

Extended Hitch Bar

Extended Hitch Bar

(26033) Buy Now

  • Replaces existing hitch bar of bike rack
  • Rugged powder-coated steel

• Extender bar extends the bike rack 4"-8” (varies by rack model) to allow clearance for rear-mounted spare tires
• Compatible with Softride's Alumina, Dura, Dura Assist, Element, Hang2, HD, and Versa racks
• For 2" hitches
• Overall part dimensions: 18" x 2" x 2"


26260 SoftWraps - Wheel to Downtube
26260 SoftWraps  - Black
26260 SoftWrap on Pant Leg Cycling Shoes
26260 SoftWraps On Skis
26260 SoftWraps - 4-pack


4-Pack (26260) Out of Stock

  • Secures bike tires to frame
  • Durable hook-and-loop closure material
  • Endless uses beyond bicycles and racks

This is a four-pack of the SoftWrap hook-and loop straps. To make an extended-length strap, you can attach two straps together.

To use: Wrap the strap around the object, insert the end through the flat loop, then pull it back on itself to close and fasten securely

Perfect for securing:
- Bikes
- Cargo
- Pant legs
- Skis, yoga mats, camping gear, boating gear, computer cables, garage organization...just about anything

Multi-purpose, with uses across marine, commercial, recreational, and residential applications

*Note: current color is white logo on black wrap*

Size: 16" Long and 1" Wide.

Access Hitch Lock & Bolt Set

Access Hitch Lock & Bolt Set

Access Hitch Lock & Bolt Set

Fits 2" and 1.25" Receiver Hitches - Bike Racks Only (25056) Buy Now

  • QuietRide™ locking & tightening anti-rattle
  • Securely locks the bike rack to the vehicle's receiver hitch
  • Includes brass lock, two zinc-plated steel hitch bolts, two lock washers, and two keys

Compatible with these Softride Bike Racks: Alumina3, Hang2, Hang5, Element, Dura, Dura Assist, Elite, Versa, HD, DX, and Pull Pin Bike Racks.

Includes a hitch bolt and corresponding lock washer for each of two sizes of hitch receiver (2" and 1.25") for universal hitch size compatibility

Note: This product works with Softride bicycle racks. For towing applications or other brands of bike racks, please see our Tightening Hitch Pin.

Note: This product is not designed for a keyed alike system

This set includes:
• Custom Hitch Bolt and lock washer for 2" hitch receivers (part 22967)
• Custom Hitch Bolt and lock washer for 1.25" hitch receivers (part 19696)
• Hitch Lock with dust cover
• Two keys

Garage Storage Station

22751 Garage Storage Station - Straight On with bike and TTA
22751 Garage Storage Station - Side 3 Quarter with Bike
22751 Garage Storage Station - Above 3 Quarter wtih Top Tube
22751 Garage Storage Station - 3 Quarter
Garage Storage Station

Garage Storage Station

(22751) Buy Now

  • Uses existing rack arms to store bikes
  • Bolts to any secure vertical wall surface
  • For arms of Dura, Dura Assist, Elite, Pull Pin, and HD bike racks

• Robotically welded
• Black powder-coated steel
• Mounting hardware not included
• Not for use with Hang5, Hang2, Element, or Alumina racks

Gooseneck Adapter

Gooseneck Adapter without lock
Gooseneck Adapter with Bike Rack
Gooseneck Adapter 25748 updated 2014
Gooseneck Adapter

Gooseneck Adapter

For 2in Racks (25748) Out of Stock

  • Adds 4” of height for low riding vehicles
  • For use with any 2" vehicle receiver
  • Includes QuietRide™ locking & tightening anti-rattle technology

• Includes hitch bolt and lock set (lock, two keys, lock washer, and zinc-plated steel hitch bolt)
• Includes nut holder and two nuts
• Robotically welded
• Black powder-coated steel
• For use with bike racks only

Anti-Rattle Tightening Hitch Pin with Lock
Quietride Tightening Hitch Pin with Lock

Hitch Pin 5
Hitch Pin 4
Hitch Pin 1
Anti-Rattle Tightening Hitch Pin with Lock
Download Instructions
Download PDFs of the Hitchpin installation instructions.
Instructions / Warranty PDF

Anti-Rattle Tightening Hitch Pin with Lock

Individual Package (25219) Buy Now

  • Patented 2-Axis Tightening
  • Eliminates the Clanking Sound
  • Reduces Drive Train Wear & Tear

The QuietRide™ Tightening Hitch Pin is adaptable for any hollow two-inch ball mount or rack product. An insert fitted with a nut easily slides inside the receiver tube. By tightening the stainless steel bolt through the insert and nut, the ball mount or rack is pulled to the side of the receiver wall, thus securely locking it in place. A brass lock provides anti-theft protection for the ball mount or rack.

Note: This product is for towing applications. For locks compatible with Softride bike racks, see the Hitch Lock and Bolt set.

Note: When installing, per instructions, first hand-tighten bolt, THEN place lock securely onto pin BEFORE finally tightening the bolt with a wrench.

Note: This product is not designed for a keyed alike system.

• Made from durable and rugged stainless steel
• Lock is constructed using solid brass
• Includes a dust cover to protect the locking mechanism from the grit and grime sprayed up from the road
• Includes two keys
• Designed for use with 2” hollow ball mounts or hitch-mounted accessories only

Load Specifications:
• 10,000 Gross Towing Weight
• Weighs 1 lb

Patent # 7,333,065
Designed in Bellingham, Washington

Updated in 2012 - Now includes extended hitch pin bolt 26346.
This is a longer hitch pin for accommodating non-standard receivers requiring a longer pin (such as newer OEM Toyota hitch receivers).