Shuttle Pad - Truck Tailgate Pad

Shuttle Pad Shuttle Pad 54 in
Shuttle Pad Dims 61 in
Shuttle Pad w/ Straps
Shuttle Pad - Truck Tail Gate Pad
Shuttle Pad - studio surf beach
Shuttle Pad Utility
Shuttle Pad Surfboard w/ Cruiser
Shuttle Pad Tie Down Straps

Shuttle Pad - Truck Tailgate Pad

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Shuttle Pad - Truck Tailgate Pad

$99.99-$89.99 MSRP
Shuttle Pad (large 61") (26457) Buy Now Shuttle Pad (small 54") (26461) Buy Now

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Converts truck tailgates into a simple working bike rack

Designed for full- or mid-size trucks

Shuttle Pad features

  • Carries up to six bikes
  • Designed for mountain bikes but works with most bike styles
  • Includes six Softwraps and daisy chain for securing bikes to rail
  • Includes four straps for securing protective pad to tailgate
  • Velcro Access flap allows access to tailgate release while pad is attached
  • Uses less space in truck bed than other carriers - leaves more room for other gear
  • Compatible with most pickups
  • Extra padding where it counts
  • Least expensive way to carry six bikes
  • Also protects truck when hauling surfboards, kayaks, construction supplies, and more
  • One-year limited warranty


Large (61”) fits most full-size trucks

Small (54”) fits most mid-size trucks

Weight: 4 lbs.

Carries up to six bikes