How to Choose Which Rubber Strap for a Softride Bike Rack

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We’ve built a lot of bike racks over the years, and we get a lot of questions about replacement straps and which straps are compatible with which racks.

Softride currently manufactures two different types of rubber straps, and depending on your setup, one will work better than the other. This video compares the two, or read on below.

Softride Standard Strap - rubber straps for bike racksThe first option is the shorter Standard Strap. This is nine and a half inches long (9.5”)  and is made of TPR, or Thermo Plastic Rubber. This strap is stock on all of our current hitch mounted bike racks, with the exception of the Hang5 and Hang2 bike racks.  These straps were redesigned in 2012, so for Softride’s Alumina, Dura, Dura Assist, Element racks manufactured in 2012 or more recently, these shorter straps are the compatible replacement strap. Compare the number of holes and shape of holes on your current straps – if yours do not look just like these, use the Super Strap instead to insure better compatibility.

These are sold in a four pack and they are shorter.

Softride Super Strap rubber strap for bike rackThe second option is the Super Strap They come in a two pack and at 20 inches long, are the longer option. These straps are stock with the Hang2 and Hang5 bike racks, and were designed specifically for these racks.

One nice feature of this strap is the ability to cut it shorter, if a shorter length is preferred.  If you’d like the strap to be permanently shorter than 20 inches, cut the strap to the desired length, placing the cut directly through the hole, so that the strength of the strap is not degraded.

An additional benefit with this strap is the option to wrap it around portions of the bike.  Feed the end of the strap through the loop at the other end, and cinch it down over the bike frame or handlebar or whatever you’d like to secure. Then attach the strap to your bike rack.  This allows you to wrap this around your handlebars and cinch it down and then attach this to your bike rack.

If you have an older rack, the longer Super Strap is more pliable and more universally compatible. It’s quite a versatile strap.

These are sold in a two pack and are longer.

See the strap comparison video now:

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