How to load women’s bikes on a bicycle carrier

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If you’re wondering how to carry women’s bikes on a bike rack, or how to load kid’s bikes on a bike rack, or how to carry a full suspension mountain bike with a small front triangle, you may want to check out the Top Tube Adapter.

This accessory is a crossbar adapter that creates a level top tube for bikes without one.

Rather than try to load a bike at some precarious diagonal angle, using this frame adapter accessory will keep the bike level on the two arms of the bike rack. This accessory is designed to work with any brand of bike rack where the bike is secured by the top tube. For ladies’ bikes, bikes with step-through frames, or any other hard to mount frames, this creates a temporary horizontal top tube that attaches to the bike rack.

The minimum distance from seat post to stem for this crossbar adapter is 15 inches. For a child’s bike that is too small to fit on a car rack, you may be able to use a Top Tube Adapter, or see this post about how to load a kid’s bike.

See a video about how to load a bike on a rack using a Top Tube Adapter here:

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