Options to Upgrade an Older Bike Rack

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We’ve made a lot of bike racks for cars over the years.  By nature of the materials, the metal portion of the bicycle carrier will outlast the rubber or plastic components.  If you’re looking for your original Softride bike rack strap with the oblong holes and you can’t find them, it’s because they’re no longer available.  You have a few options in terms of updating your older rack, or getting replacement parts for a bike rack.  One is to use a different type of strap (e.g., SoftWraps, longer Super Straps, or a different strap you may have on hand, like a toe strap).  You might read our advice about how to choose which rubber strap will work on your bike rack. Another is to replace your older arm set with a new pair of replacement bike rack arms.  A third option is to replace the entire bicycle rack, so that all the components are updated and in stock.

Option 1: New strapsSoftride Super Strap rubber strap for bike rack

  • Pros: Lowest cost, low effort
  • Cons: Straps are likely not going to be the same as the straps you wish to replace.

Option 2: New armsSoftride bike rack replacement arms Dura two-bike

  • Pros: Medium cost.  The portion of the rack that interfaces most with bicycles is new with new components. Does not send a huge piece of steel to the landfill or require a trip to the recycling center.
  • Cons:  You’re partially upgrading a rack – similar to repairing a used car. You need to consider how long you’d like to invest money toward an older item versus investing in a new solution. Other replacement parts may not be available.

Option 3: New rackSoftride Dura 4 Bike Rack

  • Pros: You end up with a completely brand new rack, with the latest design and with available replacement parts. Most thorough upgrade.
  • Cons: Highest cost.

Please feel free to contact Softride support directly to discuss compatibility or options for your specific rack, so you can make an informed decision about what best meets your needs.

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